Sunday, June 23, 2013

Tooth #2

Last night Cohen lost her second tooth!  We knew it was coming because both of her permanent bottom teeth have been coming in behind the loose ones.  She lost her first a few weeks ago at Grannie's house and guess where she was last night...Grannie's house!  That is the tooth pulling place.  I had a photo session so I wasn't able to be there but Aunt Vicki sent me pictures which I'm so thankful she did!  I love being able to keep up right now.  Cohen came home and made a note for the tooth fairy and asked that this time I let the tooth fairy keep her tooth.  I had told her I asked that the tooth fairy let me keep the first one :)  She has also requested a special tooth pillow so I guess I'll start looking for that!  ETSY!!  Maybe we won't lose anymore for a little while though :)
Corn on the cob got that tooth right out!

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