Friday, July 5, 2013

Pre-4th Fun

Last weekend we had some pre-4th fun with some of our friends.  Saturday night we all took a boat ride to watch the fireworks at Hartwell Dam.  Of course we had a great time with everyone and the kids loved it.  Afterwards Kelly and I were talking about it and I'm pretty sure it was the first time our kids had been out on the lake on a boat.   I could believe it for Kate but was really shocked that we had never had Cohen out on a boat before now.  I know she has been to the lake but hasn't been out on a boat.  She loved it though and because we were back from the fireworks she enjoyed those too.  She hates the noise from fireworks so we didn't even tell her what we were going to see until we got there. They weren't loud at all to us on the boat so she loved them.  Kate had been going hard all day so she fell asleep when we got there.  She did wake up on the way back and got a little fussy but we made it!  I can't say how much I love laughing and having fun with good friends.  This summer has just been a blast for all of us and we are loving it!
Ready to Ride!  Kate cracks me up in her "straight" jacket!

Kate & Autumn

All the girls are ready!

There was a rainbow in the sky right behind Cohen & Josie. I tried to get a picture with my phone

silly girls

Kate trying to drive

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