Thursday, May 31, 2012

Taking Steps

My sweet baby is now taking steps!  She will go about 4-5 at the most.  I just know she is going to be up walking very soon.  I love to encourage her but it also makes me so sad!  It was a Thursday one year ago that I spent my last day with Cohen and last night at home before Kate arrived!  It seems like just yesterday.  And now here we are and Kate is coming up on her first birthday!!  She is good standing alone, she moves holding on to things very fast, and she can now pick herself up to a standing position without holding onto anything.  I can see that sometimes she feels brave and will just start walking and other times, especially when she's sleepy, she has no interest in trying.  She will sit down and crawl to me usually whining wanting me to pick her up.  When she does stand alone you can tell she knows she's doing something big because she stands up and then smiles so big.   Of course we are there cheering her along the entire time and when we clap that puts the icing on the cake.  I've tried my best to get some pictures of her but its very hard because most of the time I'm the one she's walking to.  I tried to snap a few with my mom here the other day.  I definitely want to get this big moment on camera if possible!  Tomorrow we start the celebration weekend...I've been in denial that it is here already but I'm super excited for Kate's 1st birthday!!

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