Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Swimming Lessons

This week Cohen is taking swimming lessons.  Cohen loves to swim, but she loves to swim with a floatie and is very hesitant about doing any new things.   She talks about drowning, which she doesn't really understand but will still ask if she is going to drown in a bathtub with 1 inch water.   She has taken lessons the last 2 summers and each time they always begin with tears.  I was very excited that this year we had no crying!  She had a great time the first day and was very eager to get there on Tuesday.  She even volunteered to go out after Brooke.  Since she, her friend Brooke, and Savannah are the only 3 at this particular time, I thought that would help and I believe it really has.  On that second day though Lindsey started letting her go to swim on her on to the wall and I noticed that she was starting to be hesitant.  Sure enough, yesterday she cried all afternoon asking if she had to go back.  I was getting pretty fed up hearing about it.  She went back today though and she didn't cry but you can tell the hesitation is there.   Tomorrow is our last day so I'm hoping she does ok.  She still will not have anything to do with jumping off the diving board or going down the slide.  Fear is so big in this child!  She loves a floatie.  Hopefully she is learning though and it will all click.  As much as we love to swim I have faith that this summer she will definitely love the water and since she has a floatie most of time she is fine.  Cohen is my "little oven" with almost anything.  She has to preheat to situations :)

Day 2...all ready.  Goggles make it all good!

Kicking with her face in

waiting for her turn...Day 3.  Not so excited even with goggles on.

Made it to the side!

Addison was all smiles for Aunt Ashleigh :)

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