Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Butterflies and Birthday Fun

This week has been eventful for us so far!  The fun started on Monday when we got to school and saw that our caterpillars had changed over the weekend into butterflies!  We had been watching them go from small caterpillars, to big fat caterpillars, to cocoons, to Butterflies!  This is very amazing and the kids have loved checking on them each day.  We let our butterflies go and the kids really loved getting to hold a butterfly before it flew off.  Here are some pictures of Cohen and a class shot :)

On Tuesday it was Cohen's good friend, Brooke's birthday party!  Cohen was so excited and since the party was a swim party it was extra exciting for her.   We had nice warm weather for it too!  The kids had a fun time swimming and us moms enjoyed sitting out by the pool too.  I'm looking forward to summer even more now!  Happy Birthday Brooke!
Cohen & Josie


Happy Birthday Brooke!!

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