Saturday, June 2, 2012

Kate's Watermelon Birthday Party

Today we celebrated Kate's 1st birthday!  Her actual birthday is Monday so we had planned to celebrate all weekend leading up.  Friday morning, Kate woke up about 5 am running a fever so right away plans were changed.  We spent the morning at the Dr's office and he told me she had a sinus infection.  That sinus infection made her feel so bad.  Poor baby laid around on me all day and slept.  It was so pitiful.  Our family party had to be rescheduled for next weekend but we kept today's party on.  Dr. Setia felt we would see the antibiotics kick in after 24 hours.  This morning was looking like she would not be in a party mood but around 10:00 am when the party started she woke up from her nap with a little more life about her and the party turned out much better than we thought it might.  Kate even showed interest in her birthday cake which was what we wanted.   We also got to have the party out on our new porch so that was exciting too!    I'm still in disbelief that Kate is about to be 1 but we had a fun time celebrating today. And I have to thank everyone who made things for this party! The cake pops had to be the cutest things ever, (Thank you Angie!), and Sugie even made a fruit basket complete with fruit flowers, along with Kate's cake that she had fun digging in.  I have to mention too that Kate's chair cover was actually from mine & Kelly's rehearsal dinner.  Lydia had made those and it fit just perfect!  A little wash and we'll be ready for the next party :)  Happy "early" Birthday to our precious baby girl!
My Pinterest wreath :)

Cake Pops!

Kate's watermelon Ice Cream cake-loved it!

Aren't these the cutest cake pops!  The inside was strawberry cake with chocolate chips as "seeds"!

Sleeping before the party

Cohen loved playing with Ramsey!

Birthday girl showing some life

Getting a handful...

Sweet Nolan

My 2 babies!

Notice Cohen's green mouth from her cake pop

She liked her new hat!

Happy Birthday Kate Daniels!

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  1. Such a cute party! Handley's first birthday was a watermelon theme, too. I loved your wreath and all the details.