Thursday, May 10, 2012

Storytime with Clifford

This week instead of our morning storytime at the library, there was afternoon storytime because Clifford the Big Red Dog was there!  I took Cohen and Kate to see Clifford.  Cohen has always liked watching Clifford and I thought she would love to see him.  She did very well but there was a moment there when I didn't think she would go near him.  Any character costume, especially big animals, is not Cohen's favorite.  She actually looked at me when Clifford came into the room and said "lets go".  I told her if she didn't want to see Clifford that maybe Kate would and when it was her turn she went right up to have a picture.  As she was walking she did tell me that maybe I should hold her, but she did great!  Kate liked Clifford too, in fact, I thought Clifford was going to take a beating from her if we didn't move on quickly. She started with a light pat and then went full force for the eyes.  I absolutely love watching these funny moments through both girls' eyes.  Little things mean the most :)

Feeling of Clifford... 
Going in for Clifford's eye!  The real person in there almost looks scared!

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