Sunday, April 29, 2012

Cohen's Gymnastics Show

Yesterday was Cohen's gymnastics show.  Cohen takes gymnastics in Pendleton, SC at Upstate Gymnastics and this was their annual show to let each class show off what they had learned.  It was very laid back but very organized.  I have been real impressed with the gym and I can tell they know what they are doing.  At Cohen's age though it is just very cute!  Her class was divided into groups and each group had their turn on the bars, beam, vault and then some floor exercises.  It was very cute and even though it is still very simple things at Cohen's level, I can tell she has improved.  She really has fun too and that is what counts.  Even though I think the snack she gets after class is always the highlight for her and Josie.  She loves having Josie with her and it is entertaining for sure!
At the show, there were several funny moments.  Cohen danced at each station to the music that was being played, so I'm still thinking we will have to try dance class as well next year!  She has some moves for sure!  Another was at the end when all of the little girls lined up and bowed to the audience.  Since we were in the high school gym they had to bow to one side, then turn and bow to the other.  When everyone turned to bow to our side, Cohen stayed facing the other side and finally she turned around to bow to our side.  That was funny and her bow was hilarious as well, it was more of a squat down to touch her toes! Ha!  I love it!  Later when we asked her to bow to us at home, she did it right so I'm not sure what she was doing.  She got a ring pop after the show and she said that was the best!

Cohen & Josie

Cohen's flip on the "vault"

On the balance beam 

Still facing the other side after the other girls have turned to bow
Her bow/squat

Cohen & Savannah

Cohen's audience (minus me who's taking the picture)

                                                                The Finger family :)

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