Sunday, April 8, 2012

One Eventful Saturday

We had a very busy day planned Saturday.  I had a morning picture session and after we left there we were taking the girls to see some baby chicks.  My Dad's best friends and neighbors, David and Robin, had told me we could bring the girls by their chicken houses to see their new baby chicks.  My Daddy had chicken houses and I always thought the brand new babies were so cute.  I have taken Cohen once before but that was about 2 years ago!  (time flies too fast)  On our way we passed our favorite strawberry farm and noticed they had their strawberry sign out!!  We had to turn around and go back to make our first visit to pick strawberries!  It turns out it was the first day they had let people come pick so we were very excited.  I know we will have several more trips.  Cohen really enjoyed looking at the plants to find the ripe berries and I did let her eat a couple :)  We filled our bucket in no time and then we headed to see the chicks.  Once we got there Robin met us and as we started to go in to see them Cohen had a meltdown about not wanting to go in because she was afraid it would smell bad.  Miss diva herself!  Robin was nice enough to bring one of the babies outside for the girls to hold.  Cohen did like holding it outside and I think Kate didn't really know what to think.  She did make her sweet smiling faces though.  I really appreciate Robin letting us come.  I know my girls would have loved making trips to see the chickens with my Daddy so this  is our next best thing.

Later that afternoon we had our neighborhood Easter egg hunt.  We only got to stay for the egg hunt but Cohen was excited to get to hunt eggs again.  Kate is always happy just to have one egg to shake around and play with.  Now that the weather is getting warmer we like to be outside and see all of our neighbors again!  We joke around that we all hibernate in the winter time :)  We truly love our neighborhood and all of our neighbors and like I always say we love living in a neighborhood where we are all close and enjoy getting together.  
Group shot before the egg hunt

Kate with her egg

We left the egg hunt and headed straight to Addison's 1st birthday!!  I can't believe a year has gone by already.  It was fun to celebrate the big birthday with the family.  I have to say Addison was quite a lady with her cake and ate it with her spoon most of the time :)  It was very cute.  Happy Birthday sweet girl!

After she had opened her presents and everyone was eating cake and talking, I look over and Kate has decided to check out her new toy and crawled right up on the box to do it.  Like I've said, this baby is a climber and luckily the box is already close to the ground.  She did take a tumble off once but that sure didn't slow her down and she was right back on it.  

Little monkey

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