Monday, April 16, 2012

A Little Bit of Everything

We have stayed pretty busy over the weekend, mostly with random things.  Last Thursday we celebrated Sara's birthday.  I had some cute pictures that I wanted to share.

Addison was all smiles for me!
Friday was spent at the ballfield watching Brock and I have yet to take any pictures of him but hopefully I will get some.  Its still early:)  Saturday we had a birthday party for our cousin Taylor.  Taylor and Cohen are only 2 months apart.  Blake & Kasey recently welcomed little Gavin so now they have 2 boys to be close to our girls.  We had a fun time at the party and Cohen's favorite part was getting her face painted like a butterfly.  The butterfly was matching the one on her shirt.  I'm so glad I took my phone so I could snap these pictures.  All day long she kept asking me if her butterfly was still there.  When I did have to wash it off she asked me if I could go buy some paint at the store and learn to paint her face like that so she could have it again.  She was so proud and it was so cute.

Another highlight of the weekend was picking strawberries from our very own strawberry plants!  Last year Kelly planted a few plants and this year they have multiplied and are full of berries!  Cohen loves to go out and check the plants to see if they are ready to pick.  It really is fun and it is amazing at how many strawberries are on one plant!  I think we may try to plant a small garden so she will love that!  I took a few pictures of the girls outside picking the berries.  Cohen had the bowl and was ready to sit for a picture with Kate.  Kate, being as curious as she is, made one move toward the bowl and Cohen quickly pulled the bowl away announcing they were her strawberries.  She did scoot far away and then leaned in to smile for a picture.  She was willing to have a picture together but only as long as Kate was not getting those strawberries!

Our bowl full

Pulling the bowl away from Kate

Leaning in for a picture as Kate loses all interest

I got some cute pictures of Kate that really show off the 2 teeth she is getting on the bottom.  They are barely where you can see them but there is no way I'll get a better picture of them until they are all the way through so I'll take it!  What I don't have a picture of is her INSIDE the fireplace!  One thing that has always amazed her and I found her inside the fireplace in the old ashes.  Needless to say, Kelly has been cleaning it all out tonight.  Into everything!

2 little teeth shining through

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