Saturday, April 7, 2012

Cohen's Easter Party

Friday I told Cohen that she could have an Easter party playdate with a couple of her friends.  Since we were out on spring break all week I knew this would be a fun way for them to get together and play.  She actually had a great break playing with friends!  On Monday she went to Brooke's house and they even swam in her pool!  Thursday after her gymnastics class she went to spend the night with Josie and Friday she had her friends over for her Easter party.  The sound of little girls laughing and playing is priceless.  I had bought sun catchers for them to paint and they did start painting but after a little while they lost interest and wanted to go play.  Us Moms quickly ran outside to hide the eggs for the egg hunt.  Friday was much cooler than the rest of the week had been so we did hide as quickly as we could :)  The kids weren't phased by the cooler weather at all and they ran off to find all the eggs.  I snapped a quick picture and then it was inside to sort through all the candy inside the eggs!  After a yummy snack it was time to clean up.  I think they all had a blast and Kate and Addison were as good as gold watching all the big girls.  The babies tend to get lots of attention too which I'm sure they love. Kate has loved playing with Easter eggs and is quite content to just have one to play with.  Cohen has to enjoy that this year because I know it won't be that way next year!!

Off to find more eggs

A quick group picture

Sorting through their candy

The baby girls got in on the egg sorting too

Josie & Kate

Love from the big girls

Snack time!

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