Thursday, April 5, 2012

Kate Daniels-10 months

My little sweet pea is now 10 months old!  Could someone please slow these months down.  They are passing way too fast.  Sweet Kate was 10 months old yesterday.  Over this past month she has hit a milestone which is cutting teeth!  We were wondering how long it might be until she cut her first tooth but one (I think, actually 2) have broke through on the bottom.  I really love her big smile with nothing but gums shining, but I knew it was coming when the teeth would break through.   We are thankful that she seems to be taking it like a trooper.  I really would not have known the teeth were coming in other than the massive amount of drool.  Cohen was this way and she did very well with teething.
Kate continues to be our little busy bee and into everything.  You cannot turn your back for a second.  She is a very fast crawler and she is starting to straighten her legs in the crawl position like she wants to try to stand up.  I do hope that she holds off on that for a little bit longer.  She has such a cute personality though and I love watching it come out.  When someone new comes into the house, room or we go in somewhere she will put her arm straight out like she is wanting to wave or just touch them to acknowledge their presence.  Its so cute!  She still loves to hold onto me too which I love and hope that continues at least a little longer.  The older she gets though the harder it is just to hold her or rock her.  We can pretty much only rock her while she takes a bottle and maybe falls asleep.  Its also a lot harder to get pictures of her, she doesn't sit still very long and is constantly in motion!   It is so true that you have to treasure each moment because they pass way too fast!

At 10 months:

  • Kate is cutting 2 teeth!
  • weighs 18 lbs 3 oz (as of last week)
  • wears 9-12 mos or 6-12 mos.
  • shoe size is a 2
  • Loves to climb or crawl under things
  • Loves balls and will throw them with you
  • is a speed crawler and will get into everything!  Her favorites are the fireplace, under the foyer table, going to Dooley's dog dish, or my plants.
  • Has a cute little wave she does for people
  • Sleeps through the night on most nights, she still wakes up sometimes for a bottle but goes right back to sleep
  • eats 3 meals a day and 2 bottles
  • Loves to ride in her wagon 
  • Her favorite toys are balls, the kitchen set and food and her grocery cart

She loves her big sister!

Cohen doing her best to hold Kate still

Mommy's little precious!

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