Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Last Week of Being 3!

Sunday night I was talking with Cohen and telling her that this week would be her last week as a 3 year old since her birthday is next Monday.  I asked her what things she would like to do this week and I think her #1 thing was color which we do EVERY day.  I don't think that she mentioned starting her week off at the Dr's office but that is exactly what we did.  Monday at around 6:00 am, just before my alarm was going to go off she woke me up complaining that her ear hurt "really bad done in the hole".  When I felt of her I knew right away it had to be an ear infection.  She has never complained about her ears and only had 1 or 2 ear infections her whole life but she definitely had a fever.  I gave her 2 Tylenol and she went back to sleep.  I think everyone else must be sick too because we took the last appointment of the day at the Dr. and I took both girls in.  Cohen had the croup last week that has now turned into a cold and Kate was lucky enough to catch it too.  What bothers me with her is that you cannot give any medicine and I worry about the cough getting down in her lungs.  At the Dr. though she checked out great and was determined it was just a nasty cold but hopefully it will go away soon!  Cohen did have a left ear infection but was so excited to know that Dr. Hendrix said she had "the prettiest right ear she had seen all day and that flowers were down in there and a bunny rabbit!"  Cohen was also excited when I told her the medicine she would be taking was always my favorite "pink medicine" when I was a little girl.  She has offered to share hers with me all day today.  The way I have felt, I almost took her up on it!  We have spent all day today inside trying to start feeling better.  Hopefully tomorrow will be better for Kate too!  Cohen is back to her normal chipper self already.  She is now looking forward to enjoying her last week of being 3 and counting down to this weekend's birthday party!!
Sunday night before the sickness really kicked in...I wanted one with both my girls

Love my babies!

Showing me her Pretty Ear
Poor baby girl still gave me a litte smile even though she feels so bad

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