Monday, January 9, 2012

A Diaper Change Gone BAD!

This could be gross so you may or may not want to read:)  Today we had a little mess in our house.  After feeding Kate her cereal this afternoon I smelled a dirty diaper so I took her to her room and changed her.  Nothing unusual with her change.  She reached for her lamp the whole time while I changed her with only a little wrestling.  After I had her clean diaper on her I noticed a tiny spot on her cheek that I thought looked like poop but I knew there was really no way she could have it on her face.  I picked her up and thought she still smelled bad and as a I looked down at the changing table this is what I saw...

A small mess but nothing that can't go be washed in the washing machine, however, this was at the top of the changing table, right where she lays her head!  I still have no idea how in the world poop got at the top of her changing pad and I won't bore you with what I think MAY have happened but the end result that had to be cleaned was this...

NASTY...Yes, I know but all I could do other than text Kelly to hurry home to help me somehow clean this up was laugh.  Yes, I often pray for things to make me laugh and this was certainly the one for today.  Cohen was in the room with me the entire time and she did not think this was funny.  She kept holding her nose telling me "Mommy, this is not funny." She was also the one to meet Kelly at the door to tell him Kate had stinky in her hair ;)  I had texted him a picture to help explain my need for help, even though I had already pretty much cleaned her up when he got there.  I let him handle the laundry items.  Little sweet Kate though never knew what was going on or why Mama kept laughing and taking some funny pictures that I know one day she will laugh at herself.  She was just happy to be in the bath tub splashing around.  After 3 hair washes and a bath she was in her jammies and the whole ordeal must have got her "pooped" (literally) because she fell asleep in her rain forest jumper.  Can I just say again...I love that baby girl!
Her good side for the moment :) She is oblivious to everything 
So happy in the tub


Poor little baby, all tired out

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