Sunday, January 8, 2012

Happy Birthday Kaden!

This weekend was a fun filled weekend for us.  We had 2 birthday parties, one Friday night and one Saturday.  The party on Saturday took us back to Charlotte, which we always love doing.  I still miss Charlotte a lot so going back is always so fun for me.  Our good friends, Michael and Amy, had a party for their son Kaden.  We all worked together, and Amy and I went through both of our pregnancies together.  We got to share all the fun that comes with pregnancy and we would love having lunch together to satisfy those cravings!!  Cohen and Kaden are exactly 4 weeks apart and now Kate and Ashton are 3 weeks apart.  We couldn't have planned this better if we had tried.  I just wish we lived closer.  It was fun to go back up for the party and I really can't believe our kids are turning 4!!  Kaden had a party at Bounce U and the kids, (and adults) had a blast!
We made a stop at the mall, which I always love doing, before we went to the party.  Both girls had done so good on the drive up.  They each napped a little and then Cohen was happy to play her leapster or color.  She had been coloring with her princess markers and when we stopped she had a little on her nose.  I asked her had she decided to skip coloring the paper and start coloring herself and she then replied "yes, me and Kate."  I then look over at Kate and Cohen had really got started on the side of Kate's face.  Kate must not have minded at all since she never made a sound.  I had to get a picture of her though because even with marker on her she was so cute and I couldn't help but laugh at what Cohen did.

Her new face tattoo courtesy of Big Sis Cohen

After a quick shopping trip we headed over to the party and celebrated with Kaden.  The kids got to play in 2 different rooms filled with fun bounce houses.  In the first room, Cohen had the most fun climbing the big spider web.  We kept telling her it was a little too hard for her and taking her to the other ones in the room but she kept coming back insisting to do it.  Finally Kelly got in with her since parents could get in and were trying to help their kids, and they both were up at the top ready to slide down before I knew it.  I was impressed, I must say.  I don't know if I could have made it up that fast!  She was proud though :)

Finally ready to slide after the climb!

This is the spider web she climbed!

The second room had a fun obstacle course and a very large slide that everyone loved!   Kelly and I took turns going down with Cohen and we all even went down together once, Kate in Kelly's lap and Cohen in mine! We also took turns racing through the obstacle course with Cohen.  Miss Kate got a turn going down a little slide by herself!  It was so much fun for everyone and we loved celebrating for Kaden.  After the party we headed back to Michael and Amy's for a nice relaxing night.  We got to catch up with each other and the kids played until late!  We watched a movie and just had a lot of fun like we always do.  It is so nice to pick right up where you leave off with good friends.  Life gets so busy so often, especially with the kids but we look forward to time with friends any chance we can get!

Kelly & Cohen climbing to the top of the BIG slide

 Coming down the first time

 On the obstacle course with Mama!

 Coming down the big slide with Mama!

Kate slid down this little slide by herself!!

 Ashton and Kate

 Cohen playing "peek-a-boo" with Kate

Look at those sweet thighs!

Kaden and Cohen playing

We ended our weekend with a lunch with Jessica and her bf, Michael.  A fun weekend seeing great friends.  I'll be ready to go again real soon.  We can never see everyone while we're there so we have to get back soon to make more rounds!

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