Monday, January 16, 2012

Getting Back in a Routine

We haven't had much excitement in the last few days.  Last week and over the weekend we have slowly gotten back in a routine.  It seems like Christmas was so long ago and yet we were only back in school one week!  Today was even a holiday.  We get spoiled fast in this house!  I'm already on a countdown to summer.
The last week has been spent getting back into the school routine, signing back up for our gym memberships and going back to classes, AWANA started back at church on Wednesday night, and then it was the weekend!!  Friday we enjoyed a fun night and delicious dinner at Sug and Pop's, Saturday Cohen and I went to pick out invitations for her upcoming birthday party, and that night I took her to see the high school's Miss Echo pageant.  I thought Cohen would love seeing the pretty dresses and definitely the singing and dancing and I was right.  I thought she was going to sing as loud as some of the contestants, especially those who chose to sing Taylor Swift, Cohen's FAVORITE!  Yesterday we enjoyed lunch with my mama after church and then headed off to Athens to see Nana.  Kelly and I enjoyed a movie date night last night which was so nice!  It was just an all around fun weekend for us.  Cohen topped her weekend off today by getting to go to Chuck-e-Cheese with her best friend Brooke.  She was so excited to go and even more excited to show me the tattoos she picked out as her prize.  My child has become fascinated by tattoos!  Right now I'm just glad she thinks they all need to wash off :)
Kate has become more of a Mama's girl lately.  It is very sweet but almost worries me a bit because it can be hard on the person watching her if we are gone.  She is becoming very interested in food.  She eats her cereal and baby food great but she also wants what we are having!  I'm hoping this means she is going to be a good eater.  Her Mum-Mums and Puffs aren't cutting it for her, she wants the real stuff.  I took this picture of Cohen and Kate this week.  Kate has loved her jumpy toys and this is her Jenny Jumper that we borrowed from her Annie and Baylor.  She loves to jump around and makes all kinds of sounds while she does it.  Cohen will dance and sing for her and Kate will bounce up and down which is a great reaction for Cohen.  I had a picture of Kate smiling but Blogger is giving me upload troubles so one it is...

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