Monday, February 6, 2012

Grandparents Day

I have so many blog posts to catch up on since we have been having a big birthday weekend!  To start with though I had to post about Grandparents Day which was Friday at preschool.  All grandparents and special people in the kids lives are invited to attend and the kids get to show them around their room and eat muffins with them.  They also made a special picture earlier in the week to give each set of grandparents.  Cohen had Sug & Pop and Suzy & Denny there to celebrate with her.  My mom was out of town on a cruise so she wasn't able to be there but Cohen has a picture for her to welcome her back with!  She really enjoyed coloring at the table with Sug and LOVED Pop telling her a story while she colored.  When her picture was colored she grabbed another one at the spot beside her and started coloring that one...all in between eating muffins of course!   It was a great turn out with all grandparents and I know the children really love this day at school.  Grandparents are just so special in so many ways!
Cohen & Pop 
Cohen with Sug and Pop

Cohen & her Suzy

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