Sunday, January 22, 2012

Little Nosetta and Cohen's Magic Wand

If your around our family, you may have heard me mention how nosy our little Kate is.  This baby has to see everything thats going on whether its someone in the house, Cohen playing with toys, the T.V., you name it and she has to see whats going on with it.  Tonight Cohen was sitting at our kitchen counter playing her LeapPad, or "Lily Frog" as she calls it.  I was walking by with Kate and when we got to Cohen Kate almost leaned out of my arms to see what Cohen was doing.  It was funny that I asked Kelly to take a picture.  She would lean back up and as soon as Cohen's game would make another sound she would fall back over trying to get a glimpse over Cohen's shoulder.  She is definitely my little "nosetta".

Tonight Cohen also came to me with her play wand and was asking me things I wanted to get rid of since she could get rid of them with her wand.  I named a few things playing along then when she asked me again I told her any wrinkles I had, thinking this would get a reaction.  She waved her wand and told me they were gone.  I said "GREAT so you can't see them anymore can you?" and she replied, "Mama its just a pretend wand".  She then told me that I would have to go to her friend Josie's house to spend the night because her wand was real and that would get rid of wrinkles for real.  I then asked her if she thought I had wrinkles on my face and she said "no, that just looks like a Mama."  Too cute.  She is at the age where you never know what she might say but you can bet it will probably be entertaining!

Earlier this week Cohen started back to her gymnastics class.  She has been asking when it would be time to go back so I know she was so excited.  I had meant to take my camera to get some pictures of her since I haven't taken any since her very first class but I forgot so I snapped one with my phone of her and Josie before class started.  I'm very proud of how much Cohen has improved and by how much she listens to her teacher.  We're hoping to go see the Gym Dawgs real soon and I know that will be right up her alley!

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