Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Glory Glory to Georgia!

This little Cohen funny happened about a month ago, but I failed to blog about it at the time.  Its one I want to always remember though so I'm blogging about it now and what better time than right here at Georgia's big SEC championship game.  All of our family and friends know that in our house we bleed red & black.  We LOVE our Georgia Bulldawgs!  This year got off to a rough start but we couldn't be more proud to see our Bulldawgs in the SEC Championship game this weekend.  With that being said, we start early teaching our girls all about the Dawgs and #1 on the list is the Georgia fight song.  So a few weeks ago we are riding down the road (not sure where we were going) and Cohen asks to hear the Georgia song.  She and her friend Josie listen to these songs a lot on the way to gymnastics.  So she is singing at the top of her lungs and this is what we hear:
"Glory Glory to ole Georgia"
"Glory Glory to ole Georgia"
"Glory Glory to ole Georgia"

Kelly and I died laughing at her spelling of Georgia.  Not that she cared at all, she was way too proud of herself for knowing the whole song, and we were too!  Each time after that it has been different letters but now she will always get a G and an A in there :)  GOOOO DAWGS!!

Our little Bulldawgs!

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