Thursday, December 1, 2011

A Ride on the Pink Pig!

Tuesday Kelly and I took the girls to Lenox Mall to ride the Pink Pig.  I love all the fun things that come along with the holidays!  Cohen is into Christmas so much this year and it is so fun to see all the excitement through her eyes.  I am big on starting traditions we can do together each year so we decided to start with the Pink Pig.  Since the Pink Pig itself is a big tradition I thought it would be fun for us and it was!  Even Miss Kate enjoyed watching everything.  She was too cute sitting in that little seat beside us.  Our first ride I rode with Cohen and Kate with Kelly then on the second ride Cohen wanted to sit by herself while I rode with Kate and Kelly snapped a few ones as it appears :)
After our ride we shopped and then headed off to find Santa.  Last year Cohen was terrified of Santa so I wasn't sure how it would go but I knew I could at least have Kate sit with him.  We did tell Cohen she would get a cookie if she sat with him.  She held my hand and surprising us all went right to Santa and climbed up in his lap.  Kate sat on the other side and both did great!  Cohen informed him that she wanted Barbie Princess Charm School and Kate would need a rattle.  Her only question to me was "where is his Santa hat?"  We were so proud of her for being so brave and she got her cookie!
To finish off a great trip we met my friend Betsie and had a fun dinner with her.  I loved catching up with her and Cohen is now waiting for Betsie to come to our house:)

Cohen with her tongue out and Kate kept a grasp on the buckle

Our picture with Priscilla 

One last picture...this was me changing Kate into her pj's when we got home.  The shirt was stuck on her head and I thought she looked just like a Pillsbury Dough Girl!  She got a kick out of it too and just laughed and laughed at me.

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  1. Reading this post made me so happy! It sounds like you all had a fantastic time and everyone enjoyed it. I love the Santa pic!!! That is a winner for sure. I can't wait to go and take the kids in a few weeks. :-)