Friday, November 18, 2011

First Friends Thanksgiving Feast

Two posts in one day, I'm playing catch up!
Today was Cohen's Thanksgiving feast at school.  Our 3 and 4 years olds dress up as the pilgrims (4 year olds) and Indians (3 year olds) and sing for their families.   We have been making the pieces to our costumes for the past week and they have all been practicing these songs for weeks.  It was very cute!  I know I was both a proud teacher and proud mama!  After they sing we all eat Thanksgiving lunch.  It was delicious and I ate way too much!  I love Thanksgiving but I will need to put in some extra work out time!
Cohen in her Indian costume

After the feast we came home and Cohen and I pulled out her Christmas tree for her room.  It is early but I love Christmas and decorating for it.  I started this week putting out a few things and I plan to get more out this weekend.  I have a good many things and I want plenty of time to enjoy them.  Cohen had fun decorating her tree too.   Kate watched and took it all in.  She was just thankful to be rescued from her crib where I was trying to get her to sleep.  After this blog update we will try again :)
Sweet girls

Cohen's tree!  A few more things may be added but pretty cute so far.


  1. I guess the pill case costumes are popular! Handley's class did the same thing and I wa just reading another friend's blog and her daughter was wearing one too.

    I love Cohen's sweet tree. I promised the girls we would get theirs out tomorrow too. :-)

  2. Adorable girls & tree! Hope y'all have a Happy Thanksgiving!