Friday, November 11, 2011

The fun of having 2 kids!

This picture will tell you a little bit about how are week has been!  The fun of changing seasons, allergies and whatever else falls into the category of colds and sickness.  On Tuesday night Kate threw up and this was the start of what I thought was a stomach bug.  I now believe it was more mucus making her sick.  She has been stuffed up and there is just nothing you can give to a baby other than drowning her with saline drops.  This poor baby has had what appears to be allergies off and on.  Through most of it she keeps her big sweet smile but this time she has just not been herself.  I hate this!  I think I handle most parenting things well but I do NOT handle sickness.  I mean I get anxious, I call the Dr. for everything, especially throw up.  There is something about it that makes me panic like someone is dying :)  I want a miracle cure and I want it fast.  Colds, allergies and those sicknesses bother me because there is no fast cure.  We also are having a VERY hard time with Kate's eating.  She nurses great and takes any breastmilk great, but formula is a NO!  We have already tried switching her to soy and now we are onto the next option.  Dr. Setia has given us 2 special kinds of formula to try so we are going to try that and see how it goes.  Say a prayer!  I only use formula once a day if that but I know I am going to be needing it more and more so we NEED to get this worked out.  Kate also HATES rice cereal.  I can tell she is going to give me fits with eating.  She is such a great baby so I knew there had to be a small issue some where :)  I love her so, (as she smiles at me so big right this second).  Here is a picture of her riding in Cohen's Barbie car.  She enjoyed her ride and then was more interested in her socks and feet.

Socks are so interesting!

Cohen on the other hand is going full steam ahead!  She does have a small runny nose but I think I get used to that since it seems kids keep one off & on in preschool.  This week has been low key for us.  I have been catching up on editing pictures.  I have a few funny/cute pictures to share.  Yesterday Cohen was very quiet so I went looking for her and I found her surrounded by books in her room.  This makes me smile so much because I have done this her whole life.  She has always loved books and I love that.  As a baby she would sit for long periods of time and just flip the pages.  Seeing her still do this reminds me that even though she's growing fast she's still so little and precious.
She is very into toy catalogs that we are getting in the mail.  Santa will have no trouble finding Cohen something.  She wants everything!!!
Today she also cracked me up when she came up to me wearing these fake teeth that were in a package of costume things.  When Kelly was deciding what to dress up as, one idea was this "pimp" looking costume and included were these awful teeth (bucked and gold tooth included).  You can imagine how hard I laughed seeing her with these.  Once she saw me laughing she was glad to play the part and go along with me taking her picture!  I love my silly girl!
My little bookworm

So many wonderful toys!

This gave me a good laugh, and add in her best Madea impression, it made me cry laughing so hard!

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