Sunday, November 27, 2011

Our Elf has Arrived

Today our little elf showed up at our house :)  This is our first year having an "elf on the shelf".  I thought this would be something good for Cohen since this elf will tell Santa each day if you are naughty or nice.  The first thing we did was name our elf which Cohen chose the name "Emma".  She said this was a girl elf and pointed out that the elf had on lipstick.  We read the book that came with it which she loves stories.  Then throughout the night she would make comments about not liking the elf.  She told me quite a few times, "I don't like that Eff", or "Mommy that eff isn't real its just pretend but you think its real".  The elf was sitting on our mantle right beside Cohen's stocking, and she told me "why doesn't Kate have one of those coming out of her stocking", and "I wish it would go sit near Kate's stocking not mine."  I told Cohen the elf would be in a different place each day (we hope) so it would not be near her stocking tomorrow.  This should be fun and I am hoping to have quite a few cute quotes on this!  

Showing off her book

On another note, Miss Kate has been doing so much better eating her cereal.  The past 2 days she has actually opened her mouth for her bites and today she ate a whole bowl for me!  This is really big for us because I haven't been able to get her to eat it for the past month.  I think she was not sure of the spoon or the texture of something new in her mouth.  I love watching her sit in her little seat!  I finally found a tray for it on black Friday.  I had checked Target & Wal-Mart over the past few weeks and both were out.  I really do not want to pull out the big high chair yet.  Baby stuff takes up a lot of room!  She loves have a tray to hold her toys and it helps keep her upright.

Focused in on her toy

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