Sunday, December 13, 2015

Tree Lightings, Polar Express Day & the start of December Fun!

December is here and we are busy busy busy!   I love this time of year but sometimes I am on the go and a lot more busy with things than I would like.  I have tried thinking what could be cut out but it really is that everything hits all in the first 2 weeks with school wrapping up and other performances for Christmas.   The girls have had several fun things going on!  Cohen was involved in 2 tree lightings last week.  On Monday the children's choir at our church sang at the St. Mary's hospital tree lighting here in Lavonia.  Monday is the day I help out at her dance studio so I was not there with her but Kelly was and he said they did a great job.  I know they did!  I did have a sweet friend who sent this picture of the group getting ready to sing.   

Tuesday was the 2nd tree lighting in Royston and Cohen performed her baton solo.  She did a great job.  It was a very dark, foggy night so I was impressed that she could see that baton out there.  She loves getting to perform and twirl!  The older girls got to perform their fire baton routine which was a blast to watch too.   Kelly, Sug, and Pop came with Kate and Bryce.  They got to see Santa for a just a quick second and then headed to the jump castle and choo-choo train.  After the tree lighting we went to sing at the Gable's with our church.  This is the assisted living home where Nanny is at and we haven't been able to go sing in a few months so we were glad that the timing worked out so we could get there to sing for the end.   With the dark and fog I didn't take many pictures at the tree lighting but here are a couple. Cohen actually made the paper twirling so I'm glad to have an actual picture of her twirling to save and keep.

 Kate and Bryce seeing Santa and getting a treat.  Bryce wasn't so sure what to think.

Cohen loves her Baylie!

Last Friday was Polar Express day at First Friends for Kate.  She was so excited to wear her Pj's to school!  She was adamant on her Dora pajamas instead of Christmas ones though but that was ok.  Miss Margaret came to read the Polar Express to them and then everyone sat at the train table for a snack and little craft.  Mrs. Cindy had everything decorated so extremely cute!  I loved it and I know all the kids did too.   I can't say enough how I love to get to go to such cute, fun activities at the school.  I know these days are limited!

We left the preschool just in time to go eat lunch with Cohen at school.  She is always asking me to come and this was great timing.  I love getting to show up and surprise her and it was a beautiful day so we got to sit in the courtyard.  I still can't believe this baby girl is in 2nd grade!

Last Saturday Rebekah and I had a day to ourselves which was fabulous!  She had asked me a few weeks back about going to Madison, GA for the Christmas tour of homes.  I jumped on the opportunity and we had the BEST time.  It was so fun seeing these beautiful homes all decorated for Christmas.  If you know Madison, you know there are some beautiful, big, old homes there and they were even more beautiful decorated for Christmas.  I had some serious home envy on a few of these! The pictures can't even do them justice but of course I had to take some to show.  We got to walk to most of them and it was so nice just to get to walk and talk and have a day to ourselves.  We took advantage of it too because after we were finished with the tour, we had a late lunch and then did a little shopping.  You have to capitalize on these days without the kids!  And days to just enjoy being with your best friend!
Kelly took Cohen and Josie to the Comer Christmas parade that afternoon.  Cohen was twirling with ATRM in the parade.  Of course he didn't take a picture but I think she made the paper again so I'll have to look for a Madison Co. paper to check that one out!
 This cute little playhouse was so adorable...inside and out!

This was the children's room.  There were 3 beds in this one room...a crib, toddler bed and big bed

My favorite house on the tour...the inside was unbelievable!

 Here was the one thing this house and mine had in common...

 How beautiful was this brick?!

The next day was a packed day for us.  We took the kids to watch the Lavonia Christmas parade.  Because we live so close to town we are able to ride the golf cart to the parade.  The kids loved doing this and the weather was perfect!  We had a group to watch the parade with and the kids had a blast catching all the candy.  It was like Halloween all over again for us!

Ready for some candy

Even Bryce was getting the candy
Waving at everyone
That night after the parade Cohen was in her choir Christmas musical at church.  We have been singing along to her choir cd for a while now and she was so excited that the night had come to perform!  I think it's no secret that this girl loves to perform!  I love it when the children do their musicals at church.  They are so precious!  Christmas is always my favorite.  I just love Christmas music and the stories that go alone with them.  They did such a good job!

 At the end of the show when Larry (Pop) was saying the closing prayer, Bryce had to go with him.  He loves his Pop so much.  He gets a little loud and rowdy when Pop is around and isn't holding him!
What was precious though was when he looked over his shoulder and spotted his big Sister Cohen standing there.  He kept pointing to her and making noises.  He would also clap when everyone was clapping for the kids and waved.  He is a little ham in the making!

There's my sissy!

Nanny came to watch!

It has been a busy start to a busy month but we are loving every minute of it and making some sweet, priceless memories!  Merry Christmas!

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