Monday, December 28, 2015

Cohen's Christmas Party & Kate's Christmas Program

Cohen's last day was on Thursday but it was a fun day at school.  She also had her class Christmas party that we got to go for.  Again we were bringing the brownies!  I actually had Suzy keep Kate & Bryce for me so I actually could focus on Cohen instead of on Bryce & what germy item he was putting in his mouth.  I love watching Cohen interact with her classmates.  I did get to snap a few pictures.  I know one thing, Courtney and I have some great pictures of Cohen and Brody over the last few years.  We were both looking back at their Mary & Joseph picture from their last year in preschool!  (sniff sniff)  How did we all of the sudden fast forward to 2nd grade?!

Ice cream beards!

3 years ago!

Now its Kate's turn to be involved in the preschool Christmas programs.  Her class are the angels.  With 9 girls in the class they definitely fit the angel category!  How cute are they?!  One little boy gets to be a shepard!

Cohen had a good time seeing some of her old friends that she had made at First Friends.  She was really enjoying herself! The great thing about the preschool is getting to meet all the families that come through.  Some of us have had our kids go through together then our second kids go through together too.  I have to say this preschool means so much not only because it is a great school where the kids can learn but the connections it has put in my life to so many awesome people!

Cohen & Aslinn were twinning!

These 2 were inseparable in the 4 year old class and are still great friends.  Our families have been friends for a long time!

I had to leave right after the program for a little Christmas get together with Margaret, Sherrie, and Elizabeth at Mama's house.  I love these ladies and look forward to any time we can get together. It had been way too long!  We had a great time together.  I'm hoping another get together will come sooner!  They are precious friends for sure to both me and my mama!

I have to share a few last pics.  Cohen had pajama week at ATRM the last week before break.  We are there for all the classes on Monday so Cohen had a blast getting in all the group pictures!  My favorite was this one with the older class!  She lives to be around these older girls!

Here were 2 more pics she made her way into...the second one was her actual class.  I guess sticking out your tongue is the best thing to do these days!

On Thursday she had to skip wearing pjs since we had to leave for Kate's preschool program.  It was a great day because Miss Cezann was stopping by!  She was home for Christmas!  Since Miss Caroline is there on Thursdays it was an awesome reunion.  I'm thinking they both will need to make trips home for competitions!

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