Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Breakfast with Santa

Last Friday was a very fun day at preschool for Kate.  That morning was breakfast at the preschool complete with crafts and Santa himself!  This is always such a fun day for everyone and I was so glad to be there with Kate.  Once everyone arrived they sat down to enjoy a cute snowman pancake breakfast.  How cute is this?!

After breakfast there were 6 craft stations to go to.  The kids got to make gingerbread houses, ornaments, a footprint craft, and even built a paper snowman to hang on the wall.  I thought that each craft was precious and I can't wait to hang these new little ornaments on our tree.  I may even have to make a few of these with Cohen because they were so cute.  Especially the cupcake ornament.

This little guy was a little difficult!  The floor he was not supposed to be on was exactly where he kept going.   

Manger scenes with Suggie

These 2 loved building their snowman with Sug too!
One of the major highlights of the day was the guest of honor himself...Santa Claus!  Kate and Addison were all about him when he came in the door.  I did think it was so funny though because Kate made sure she kept Addison just a little bit in front of her.

Kate was all about sitting with Santa.  She was precious sitting there beside him and telling him all the things she wanted, which consists of animals, animals, and more animals.  Santa talked to her about Christmas and making sure she would leave him some yummy cookies and milk and he also talked to her about Jesus and how we really celebrate because of his birthday.  I don't know who smiled more, me or her.

 Now while Kate loved Santa and was happy to sit and talk with him, Bryce was not as eager.  He stared at Santa but as I stepped closer to him, Bryce would tighten his grip on me.  I sat him down on Santa's lap and he was not feeling it.  I was happy to get the kicking, screaming, crying picture.  I think I have one for each of my kids and it has been at this "2nd" Christmas mark.  We take our family trip to see Santa tomorrow at Lenox mall in Atlanta.  That should be very interesting....stay tuned!

Attempt #2 with Mommy holding him 

Nope...still not interested.  "Get me Suggie!"

Friday was Kelly's birthday so we had a good time celebrating him Friday night.  I didn't take many pictures at all but I did get one of Kelly and Bryce blowing out the candles.  Happy Birthday Hubs!

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