Monday, December 28, 2015

Kate's Preschool Party & The Pink Pig & Santa

Its time to catch up on our fun Christmas activities.  It seems like so much goes on all at once in December and it takes me well into January to get caught up!
Kate's last day of school was Wednesday the 16th.  She had her Christmas party and was so very excited about it.  When parents arrived the kids were ready to start their snack.  Kate was in charge of the sweet snack and all she wanted to take was brownies.  To make them some what Christmasy we cut them out into the shapes of Christmas trees and gingerbread men.  After snack the kids were having a book exchange.  Everyone brought a book to exchange.  Kate received the best book!  It was Santa comes to Georgia.  I have almost bought this book so many times and never did so I was very excited too.  Kate brought home so many cute things, another book from Miss Lori, a cute "I Spy" ornament, and lots of candy!  It was a fun fun party for her.
Kate & Hallie
My sweet framed picture that Kate had made
opening books 

When we left the preschool we went to pick Cohen up from school early.  We had a fun day planned...we were going on our annual Christmas trip to Atlanta to ride the Pink Pig and see Santa.  Cohen had not seen Santa at all yet and she had been asking when we would be going to see Santa and ride the Pink Pig.  We were later going but school puts a little kink in the plans.  We did make it work to go before all of the other schools were out on Christmas break and I'm so glad we did.  We had no lines to ride or for Santa.  The only line was the one to pick out and pay for your pictures.  Bryce is a little more of a handful these days so no waiting was a blessing!  Cookies kept him occupied while we did have to wait.  He was amazed with the Pink Pig.   Because it is such a short little ride we let the kids ride twice.  Kelly went with him once and I went once.  I think Bryce was taking it all in both times and his little head was looking at everything.  The girls made sure they got in the very front car on the second ride.

Kate was loving the "stars" in this little display waiting for Santa
 Now the girls were all about seeing Santa!  Cohen would laugh and say I'm a little nervous but I'm going to tell him exactly what I want.  Kate just hesitated but went right up to him when Cohen headed over.  We held Bryce back so the girls could talk to Santa.  We explained that we knew he may cry but we were fine with that in the picture.  When Kelly walked him over to set him down we did hand him a cookie to help distract a little.  It worked for about 2.5 seconds.  He then looked up at Santa then went crazy.  Here they are...2015 Santa pics!

Kate still loves mannequins...

All in all it was a success.  We did a little shopping afterward.  I had Bryce so my shopping wasn't quite as pleasant.  He is a little bear in a stroller and wants out to crawl all over the dirty floor, pick up anything he can find to put in his mouth or throw on the floor, or climb up any and everything including steps, clothes racks, mannequins, or a wall!  Going out in public is getting harder and harder!   We also had to make a stop across the road at Phipps Plaza and we ate while we were there.  Eating is Bryce's favorite thing.  You definitely know when we have been in a restaurant by the mess on the floor under his high chair.  We try to always clean up as much as we can but it can be bad sometimes.  Fun times!
After the shopping we headed to see some Christmas lights at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens.  We almost didn't go because we thought it would be best to go home but the girls wanted to go so bad even if it meant more walking.  It is very pretty and we enjoyed seeing all the lights.  It was a long day but lots of fun for everybody!

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