Monday, December 7, 2015

Our Thanksgiving

So late on this post but this time of year it is busy busy for us!  Over Thanksgiving break we enjoyed having a break from everything and having no schedule.  On Friday night Kelly took the girls to a Uga basketball game with Westley, Keyes, and Elliott.  With the Hubby away, Bryce and I got in some shopping with Dawn and Grace.  After our shopping though it was all snuggles and I can't tell you how much I love that!  Is he precious or what?!

This was a picture Kelly sent me from the basketball game.

Our next event was back in Athens to watch the Bulldawgs play Ga Southern.  It was a close game for sure but we always love a win.  And after all the events this past week we never could have dreamed it would be the last time we watched Coach Richt in Sanford Stadium.  I won't get into that but I will say this was a hard week in our house.

It was Grace's first game!! 
On Sunday at church I had to take a picture of Bryce with sweet Mattie Ruth.  She holds the nursery down as the only little girl right now and Bryce sure does like her! :)

guess who loves to climb
Later that Sunday afternoon we headed to Oconee State park to stay and spend Thanksgiving with Kelly's family.  This is our 3rd year going there for Thanksgiving and we love it!  It is so much fun to be with family and it is so cozy up there.  We love this tradition and so do the kids.  This year it was a little colder than in the past but it was nice and warm inside.  We had our Thanksgiving feast on Sunday night and it was delicious!  We were all so stuffed!  It was nice to sit around and enjoy each other's company. Bryce is so attached to Pop and he stayed right with him almost all the time.  Kelly gave us a little wildlife excitement by stepping on a bat out in the driveway.  Nothing could thrill Kate more than seeing some kind of animal.  Night #1 was a success :)

I love this boy!

Not complete without a silly

On Monday morning we all had breakfast and played games and talked.  We later took a walk to the playground.  The girls had a fun football game with Kelly and Uncle Davis, loved the tire swing and played on the playground.  It was still really chilly though so after a little while we had to head back to the cabin to thaw out!

After lunch we took a drive to the fish hatchery and did a little exploring.  The girls loved feeding all the trout at the hatchery.
They figured out one way to stay warm

That night we roasted hot dogs and had chili and topped it all off with s'mores!  It was so nice!  We had to leave Monday night so Kelly could get back for an early morning meeting.  We dropped Cohen off for a birthday party sleepover with her BFF Josie.   It was an indoor camping party so she was already in the mood!  I know she had a blast.  We were off to a great start to our Thanksgiving break.
On Thursday we enjoyed our Thanksgiving with our families.  I love Thanksgiving and being with family all day.  We are so blessed with such a great family who we are extremely thankful for.  I once asked my Daddy what his favorite holiday was and his answer was Thanksgiving because he loved being with family with no worries about anything but enjoying each other, and of course eating the best food!  I have to agree.  At Suzy's house we enjoyed the best lunch and the kids had a blast playing in all of the leaf piles. I have never seen them have such a blast in those leaves.  At one point Cohen and Taylor completely buried themselves so they could jump out and surprise Suzy.  How they could breathe we will never know!

There are 2 kids under all those leaves!

I love that man!

We even got Denny & Suzy to lay in the leaves!

Thursday night we made our way to Athens to Nana's house for more family fun.  Everyone again had a blast together and the kids loved playing with each other.  Such a fun way to end our holiday.  

Cohen & Savannah joined in the fun of looking through the black Friday ads

And what better way to end the day (and start the next) than an all night shopping trip with some of your best girlfriends?!  Dawn, Caron, Stacey, and I headed out around 10:30 for an all night shopping trip.  We did find some good deals but we really went just for the fun of being out.  We are some night owls and had a blast.  I love shopping at night especially when the Hubs is home to take kid duty the next morning while I sleep.  Another thing I'm so thankful for...Hubby and my friends!!

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