Saturday, December 19, 2015

Little Miss Echo

Last weekend Cohen was in her very first beauty pageant.  Our high school has the Miss Echo pageant for the high school girls every year and last year they started a Little Miss Echo pageant.  Drama students have a chance to make money for their drama trip in the spring and our neighbor Grace had asked my girls if they would want to do it.  Cohen was all about it!  She couldn't wait to get all dressed up.  I agreed because not only did it help Grace, but this would be great practice for Cohen with her baton competitions.  Kate on the other hand wanted no part of it!  The funniest thing was we actually got a dress for Kate to try on and it was so pretty on her.  She tried it on and then looked right at me and said, "I want to take it off.  I want to be a boy."  Oh mercy!  I told her she by no means had to do it but lets not go as far as wanting to be a boy.  Lol!
We also borrowed a dress for Cohen to wear and it was so pretty on her.  She had a blast doing the entire event.  The girls competed in both evening gown and casual wear.  Cohen did a great job and she placed 1st runner up in her group!  We were very excited for her and she definitely was excited.  She has already asked about doing it again next year!  Right now we will focus on her competitions that will be coming up in the spring.  We were so excited for Baylie and Lexie who both won their age groups!  Cohen twirls with these girls and she sure does look up to both of them!
ATRM Girls ready for their casual wear

formal wear time!

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Cohen & Mrs. Amy

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