Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Swimming Lessons & Swimsuits!

This week has been extremely busy for us, and one of the things we've had going on is Kate's swimming lessons.  This girl has no fear and it was day 1 of our beach trip when I knew she needed swimming lessons asap!  She thought she could swim without a floatie just by closing her, no.  Its crazy how with the first child you have them in swimming lessons the minute they can walk, and the second you suddenly remember they haven't had any.  Maybe its just me!  Anyway, Kate is now in swimming lessons and is doing great.  She has not cried one time and seems to be enjoying them.  Week one is almost complete.
All ready for day 1!  Notice that her baby is in our bag on the table complete in her own snorkel gear!

These cuties were all ready! 

Being at swimming lessons made me think of how much I love bathing suits for the girls.  I think all of these mamas will agree with me too.  Every day each of these cuties have had on their cute bathing suits and every day its a different one.  I know I have a weakness for cute swimsuits and being at swimming lessons I take comfort that I'm not alone.  I'm also linking up this week with The Magnolia Mamas on Making a Splash this summer.  With this week being June we are now totally in summer mode, as in no schedule and lots of pool time.  Since I have admitted my weakness for swimsuits, this year I found a lot of cute ones for Cohen & Kate at Target.  Cohen is adamant she have 2 pieces and likes them as sparkly as possible.  Kate goes either way.  I have several one and 2 pieces for her.  I also have a cute rash guard set for Kate, (that Cohen can actually wear comfortably) thanks to Target.  Target also has matching flip flops for so many of their swimsuits and did I mention I'm also a sucker for matching accessories!  Here are a few I have bought this year for the girls:
I also have had fun dressing little man in cute boy swim trunks this year!  I mean boys have cute options too!  I turned to Target again when finding one to fit Bryce, along with some fun finds on Zulily.  I did get a rash guard shirt for Bryce to match just in case.  I can't have his cute baby skin burning!  So far he has loved the water and I am so glad since we plan to spend lots of time in it!
These are 2 of my Target picks.

Now me, I have a love/hate relationship with bathing suits.   I have no trouble finding cute swimsuits but feeling cute in them is another thing, especially after 3 babies!  Last summer I was pregnant so my swimsuit wardrobe needed some updating.  Hubby and I are about to leave for our 10th anniversary trip in Mexico so I wanted some hot cute styles for that trip.  I really love the color block styles that I've seen and so I bought 2 at Victorias Secret.  Very similar to if only I can look like her in it.

I did agree with Carrie Beth in her post on how cute a swim dress can be especially with 3 kids.  I know the exact feeling of being pulled on.  This dress with the cute ruffles was very cute and practical to me, and I love the color. 

Do you have any cute swimsuit styles to share??  All of us girls/moms love a good swimsuit so do share if so!  Happy Summer!

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  1. Love your choices and I can totally relate on having the love/hate relationship with swimsuits for myself. :-) But, let me just say, you look amazing!