Saturday, June 27, 2015

Dedicating Bryce and Father's Day

Last Sunday we not only celebrated Father's Day but it was also baby dedication at church for sweet Bryce.  All of the babies born in the last year were dedicated together and Bryce was one of 5 boys!  We had one little girl in the bunch.  They were all so sweet during the dedication.  Bryce is lucky enough to have his "Pop" dedicate him and he was all about his Pop up on that stage.  I know Pop just loves that and it was so sweet to watch.  He just moved those little legs and arms and showed that big Bryce smile.  Such a charmer.  We were so proud to dedicate this sweet boy and we look forward to raising him to be a Godly boy/man.  With the help of a great church family of course!  We are so lucky that God chose us to be the parents for this sweet boy.  He is a blessing to our family for sure.

celebrating these 2 men today and that little guy too!
After church we had a fun lunch at Sug & Pop's house to celebrate Father's Day.  Lydia had made a great  lunch and we had a fun time together.  I know I'm thankful for the wonderful father that Kelly is and that Larry is as well.  He's also a great grandfather to my kids and that means the world to me.  My kids are blessed with a great dad and I hope they always cherish that.  Kelly is so hands on with them and loves to be involved in everything they do.  Just the other day I walked in the living room to him and Cohen singing karaoke together.  Every night he is in the yard playing kick ball, baseball, soccer, or anything else you can play with them.  He is always planning family activities for us and yet will sit and cuddle with them for hours.  I could go on and on about how great he is.  We are blessed with the best.  Happy Father's Day to all the fantastic dads!  I had the best Dad there was and miss him so much but I have nothing but great memories with him and I cherish those so much!  
The girls couldn't wait to let Pop open his gifts

Even though its Father's Day I am always happy to show off my Mama!!

They love their Daddy!

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