Thursday, June 25, 2015

4 Year Stats!

With Kate turning 4, it brought on the big 4 year checkup that has all those dreaded shots!  I was not looking forward to this appointment.  I knew Kelly wouldn't be able to go since we had just got home from our trip.  He had went to Cohen's appointment and she had been a champ through hers.  Kate had already informed me that she didn't want to go to the Dr. because she didn't want shots.  Her big sister had filled her in on the fact that she would get 4.  I had to threaten her with getting a few of her own to shut that!  As we were nearing the Dr's office though Kate started crying about not wanting shots so I wondered how this would go down.  She really did good with all her exam and was pretty excited to do the vision and hearing tests.  Cohen was right up in the middle of it all...
Blood pressure 

Reading the pictures on the vision chart

Dr. Setia is the BEST!

Kate thought she was home free when Dr. Setia told her goodbye and there had been no shots, but little did she know the nurse was coming with all four of them.  She cooperated very well but even doing them very quick, she was in tears by shot #2.  She sucked it up pretty quick after.  I felt so bad. I did tell her she could pick a prize out at Target for being so brave.  Of course her toy of choice was a new dinosaur.  How I love my girl.  Here were her 4 year old stats:

Height 40" (50%)
Weight 39.4 lbs  (50%)
BP 90/60

I can't believe how fast she is growing.  This is one sweet girl!

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