Wednesday, June 17, 2015

TAYLOR SWIFT! 1989 World Tour

Last Monday I surprised Cohen (for the second time!) with tickets to see Taylor Swift.  Months ago Tara had purchased tickets for all of us to make a repeat trip back to her show. (Thank you Tara!!)  Two years ago we saw her and we were just as excited this time around.  She really knows how to entertain a crowd.  Cohen had no idea what we were doing.  On Sunday night I had told her that she and I were taking a little trip by ourselves to visit some friends.  She did guess from that hint that we would be going to Charlotte to see Tara and Jessica.  She was really excited to know Tina was flying in to visit too.  Nothing much was said and we got up early on Monday and headed out.  We were there by 11:30 ready for lunch with the girls.  Right when we got there though we asked Cohen if she remembered the last visit we had when it was just us and she definitely remembered going to the concert.  We then asked if she would like to do that again and of course she said yes!  When Jessica got off of work that afternoon we were ready to head downtown.

Cohen took a picture of the waifs for us :)

We got to the concert and got all the drinks and snacks we needed and made our way to our seats.  Cohen was so excited because she knew this was her first "pop" concert and wanted to see how different it would be.  She is really fantastic to watch perform and pulls out all the stops at her shows.  Cohen was extremely excited about the LED bracelet we were given when we walked in.  They informed us that the bracelet would start to light up as soon as Taylor took the stage and it did!  It also was synchronized the entire concert to light up, all different colors.  I caught her several times just staring at her arm watching it light up.  Taylor had said during the show she wanted everyone to have a bracelet and since that day was supposedly "national best friend day" she was getting to spend it with 15,000 of her best friends and that definitely called for friendship bracelets.  I'm pretty sure Cohen still has hers in her room and it is still lighting up.  There is not a dull moment during her concert at all.  There are interviews on the big screen from her friends during any down time and that doesn't last long.  She really knows how to connect with her fans.  I give it to her!  She is a great role model for all these young girls.  Cohen held on as long as she could, I knew she would get tired.  The next to last song she started to sit down and fall asleep.  I woke her up for the last song which was "Shake It Off".  Because no professional cameras are allowed inside I didn't get any really great pictures.  The last concert we were able to sneak the camera in I guess but I was busy enjoying her show so it worked out.  I would recommend her show to anyone!  Adults will love it just as much or more than the little ones will!  And her costumes are fabulous!

This is Cohen with her light up bracelet

almost made it through

the confetti is the best!

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  1. I'm so excited to go with my girls in Oct. in Atlanta!!!