Thursday, June 4, 2015

Ending Our First Soccer Season

This spring Kate was able to play soccer for the first time!  I was so excited when I found out that 3 year olds could play and I knew we would be signing her up.  After a fail at dance I knew that this girl wanted to be out playing with a ball or better yet, kicking one.  Kelly ended up being the coach for her team and I think he really enjoyed it.  We wondered how well she would do at first since she did not like other kids taking the ball from her, but she did SO well!  I know this age group is so cute to watch.  Kate actually got right in the middle of it all and got aggressive.  She would block with her body and when she got the ball she was on a trail to the goal.  The best part was after every goal she would score, she would run over to the sidelines where we would be sitting and get high fives and hugs.  Her face was priceless!  She was so proud of herself.   I loved how Cohen would cheer her on too!  Tuesday was her last game of the season and she had a little cheering section there!  Just like always, after every goal she scored she would run over for high-fives.  I brought my "good" camera to two of her games and snapped a lot of pictures.  Can you imagine what this post would look like if I had taken it to every game...*sigh* you would be here all night!  I love getting her in action though.  After Tuesday's game we had a little team party and handed out their trophies.  Kate had been waiting all season for that trophy!  She was so proud of it!  We have had it with us the last 2 days.  She even had to take it with her to show everyone at baton camp.  (note: this was Cohen's baton camp that Kate went to for one day then decided she wouldn't go back and she would "play soccer".)  Because she loves Miss Amy and all of Cohen's friends she did want to go in and show off that soccer trophy.  Too funny!  One more funny story, when we were picking out the cupcakes for the party we got a box of 6 sporty cupcakes so we could at least have some with soccer balls on them.  There was only that one box so we had to pick out another box and Kate was adamant we get the yellow and purple ones with bass fish on them.  The girl loves animals and fish.  Since her team was the Sharks I thought those would "kind of" tie in.  It was still funny that out of all the colors and choices she wanted the bass fish.  I love this girl!  I am so proud that I earned the title of "Soccer Mom" with her this spring and I am already looking forward to more soccer this fall!

Getting her hi-fives in...

It helps having your tongue stuck out...

 Best Friends!

Getting her first soccer trophy

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