Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Forty & Frogs!

Two weeks ago we celebrated our annual summer "frog" party at the Burton's.  What started as a get together with friends to kick off the summer a couple of years ago quickly turned into the kids catching an unreal number of frogs and each racing his/her frog.  I think Kate's love of frogs began here!  This year we had another special occasion to celebrate, Stacey's 40th birthday!  I wish I had a picture of the birthday cake we did for her.  Thanks to some apps that show what you might look like in 40 or so years, we created a good one for her :)  Stacey is always such a good sport!   We also had a little fun before she got to the party with her old senior portrait.  We just loved her big curly hair and that smolder face!  And it was even better when we found that Natalie could stand right behind the picture and it would look like Stacey's head on her body :)  Since Stacey would have told us that she would "cut us", we did a fun cut you picture just for her!  We love you Stacey!

We had a fun time that night and the kids later had a lot of fun catching and racing frogs!  With Kate we always have to hope she doesn't squeeze one to death.  This year we even got a picture of Cohen holding one.  She's not usually a frog lover.  We love our little party tradition and love having so much fun with all our friends.

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