Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Snow Days

Last week we got our shot at snow and well, it was a little disappointing.  We did get a little on Monday night/Tuesday.  It was enough for the kids to go out and play.  Cohen woke up and immediately started putting on her snow clothes.  Kate started doing the same thing.  It is a lot of work bundling up 3 kids to go out in the snow...plus yourself!  The girls went on out to play with Grace, Keyes, and Elliott and they had a blast.   Grace even pulled them in a basket behind the 4-wheeler.  If we had gotten a lot of snow they really would have had some fun!  It was a little too chilly that morning for Bryce.  That and he was ready for a nap.  I did manage to snap a quick picture of all 3 kids together.  His very first snow!

We went back out later that afternoon to throw some snowballs in what snow was left.  Kate was not into going back out so she decided to stay in where it was warm :)  I took Bryce back out one more time since he was happy.  He was so smiley that I could not stop snapping some pictures with him.  I'm a little obsessed with him and all his cuteness!  I also had fun throwing snow balls with Cohen :)  She decided to try to build a snowman and we managed to get a small one built.  Dawn also built a little one on the picnic table which was just the right size for Bryce!

Gotta love his expression in this one!  You know Cohen loves a good silly face picture

Thursday had promised a lot more snow but was even more of a disappointment when it barely missed us and left us getting nothing but rain.  UGH!  I don't like cold as it is so not getting the snow was just plain miserable.  School had been canceled since it had looked promising for snow at 5:00 on Wednesday.  When the girls woke up they were looking for the snow and were sadly disappointed to see the grass!  Oh well...bring on spring now!
Friday it was back to school.  In fact Kate never even missed a day of school since she only goes on MWF anyway.  Kelly has really been wanting to take Cohen skiing this year and it seems like we have not been able to nail down a time for all of us to go.  Since most of the places close by are about to close for the season I told him to take her himself and let them have a day just the two of them.  So thats what he did!  Friday he picked her up from school around 1:00 and surprised her telling her they were going skiing.  She was excited!  I made him promise lots of pictures and videos so I could see how she did.  Kelly said she did great.  She has an hour lesson and then the two of them skied together for a couple  of times.  They Facetimed me on the chair lift and she was very excited to be riding it.  I was so glad she had a good time and glad they got to have some special daddy/daughter time!  Maybe next year we can go on a big ski trip!

Friday I also took Bryce back to the doctor to weigh in!  Good news...he had gained almost 2 pounds in 2 weeks.  13 lbs 2 oz!  Yay little man!

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  1. Looks like y'all had lots of fun in the snow. Bryce is getting so big and I love his sweet little smile!