Thursday, March 19, 2015

Miss Majorette of Georgia Competition

Last weekend was our 2nd baton competition of the year.  This was the Miss Majorette of Georgia competition and it is held in McDonough, Ga.  We left on Friday night with a pit stop to see Papa, Grannie, Aunt Vicki, and Aunt Danette on the way.  Kelly was keeping Bryce and Kate at home and my Mama went with me and Cohen.  We were able to get to our hotel with enough time for Cohen to swim in the indoor pool.  When I tell you she never quit smiling it is true!  This child loves to swim and loves the water.  All the more reason we have started our summer countdown.  I need some warm weather, pool time, and beach time!  I told Cohen she had to be sure to keep that smile for the next day!

After the swim I had to get her showered and in the bed for some rest.  It was up early the next morning to get ready to compete.  The competition was held at Luella High School in Locust Grove.  Cohen competed in her modeling first and then it was hair up for the rest of the day.  This non-hair fixing mama likes to get the hair up and start the twirling.  Cohen really had an awesome day!  She was 1st place in all of her open events...solo, marching, and strut.  That has never happened for her so I was so proud of her.  In her titles she was 2nd and 4th. More to be proud of!  She also had a big mistake in one of her strut routines but how she handled herself was so awesome!  She got turned around backwards putting her in the wrong direction for the majority of her routine.  As a mom I wanted to jump out there and ask for her to start over or just help her but of course that isn't possible. I couldn't have been more proud of her though because she never stopped, never stumbled, never lost her smile and did her routine the best she could.  No pause or anything.  She knew pretty quick after heading the wrong way that she had messed up but it didn't stop her.  She did burst into tears as soon as she was finished but had held it all together up until then.  I told her how you handle these mistakes speaks more volume than any award and I thought she did great.  It took a little bit for her to get over it and I know she is still worried it might happen again but I know she will be able to handle it too.  That first place open strut which had been performed just minutes before this mess up was able to help cheer her up.  It was another great day for ATRM.  So proud of all of these girls.

Cohen was so excited when she saw Nicole Jensen who is the college Miss Majorette of America, and also happens to be a feature twirler at Georgia! She came to me and said "Mama will you please take my picture with the feature twirler?"

Getting ready to model!

First place in open strut!  Only her 2nd competition competing in strut!

Both girls won their age groups in strut

Cohen & Lexie

All the ATRM girls with Miss Amy

so proud of our little twirler

Getting her trophy...Thank you Mandy for taking this picture!!

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