Monday, March 9, 2015

Kate Starts Soccer!!

We were so excited this year when we found out 3 year olds would be included in spring soccer!  My friend Caron and I have been so excited to watch our girls play soccer together!  Kate and Autumn are very much alike and these 2 are going to be a hoot to watch out there on the field.  Kelly has agreed to coach their team and tonight was the first practice.  Yesterday we were outside playing a lot and Kate was so excited about her new soccer cleats.  She kept feeling of the cleats and saying "I wuv these shoes mama", and asking Cohen if she liked them.  I am with Cohen at baton on Monday nights but Kate called me as soon as practice was over and I have never heard her talk on the phone so much.  I couldn't understand much of what she was saying because she was saying so much so fast.  I know she had a good time though!  I did make out "I kick it in the net and I win, I win, I win, Kate win".  So with all that I knew she kicked the ball in at least one time.  Kelly told me she did really well too.  If nothing else I know this season is going to be some great entertainment!  Our team is the Sharks.  I'm so excited to watch them!  Caron was sweet to send me these pictures from practice.  I am hoping that I will get to see the Thursday practices, even though this week is looking pretty yucky weather wise.  Not only am I on the soccer game countdown, but also the spring countdown!  Come on warm, sunny days!

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