Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Miss Spring Jam!

This past Saturday was our third weekend straight of baton competitions but Cohen was just as excited about this one as she was the first one.  This competition was the Spring Jam competition in Anderson, SC which is close to home.  We did have to be there at 8:30 though so it was still an early morning.  Cohen had an awesome day and we actually were out of there by 3:30 or maybe a little before!   Unfortunately Kate had woke up with a fever so Kelly and the kids weren't able to make it but Cohen did have several other family members and friends there to cheer her on.  Aunt Sara, Sug, Savannah, Addison and Bebe were all there and some special friends came by too...Jarrett and Hazel and her friend Brooke and her mom Jennifer stopped in!  Cohen won her first beginner title too!  It was last year that she won a novice title so to win the beginner title was very exciting, and the big trophy was the best part to her.  Many of the novice categories will give medals while the beginner, intermediate, and advanced get trophies.  She has always wanted the trophies so she was very excited.    She even got to get the trophy from the Easter Bunny?!  I was so proud and happy for her too.  Hard work pays off, and all those times we have told her to smile, smile, smile have paid off too!  She did a great job along with all the ATRM girls.   It was a great day for Miss Amy's girls!

Cohen was 1st in her beginner strut, beginner marching, and was 0-6 modeling queen.
She was 2nd in open modeling and beginner solo.

modeling queen
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awards from the Easter bunny

carrying the big trophy

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