Monday, March 9, 2015

Baton Competition #1-Bulldawg Classic

This past Saturday started off the baton competition season.  Cohen has been counting down the days!  She loves it and was so ready to get the first one under her belt.  She actually didn't even have to be woken up that morning, she was up herself ready to go.  I wish I could say the same...the alarm was still needed for this mama!  I was excited though, because I love watching her and her teammates perform.  They have all worked so hard.  This competition was close by in Athens, the Bulldog Classic.  We got there at 9:30 that morning and were there until 9:30 that night.  These make for long days for sure.  Cohen had a good day and had fun too which is the main thing!  She competed in 2 titles and was 4th and 5th place in those and also in open events and was 1st place in marching (her strong area for sure), 4th place in strut (her very first time competing in strut), and 3rd place in solo.  She had a no drop solo during the day and that is a big thing for her!  She has improved so much from last year.  I remember just hoping she could catch her 1 one turn last year and now she is catching 2 one turns in her routine as well as a horizontal one turn and doing it more times than dropping.  I'm glad her hard work is paying off.  Competitions aren't easy and it takes a lot of courage to do what all these girls do.  I am one proud mama of this little girl.  A lot of our competitions fell right here together in March so we will be traveling these first few weeks every Saturday.  It may be a lot in a row but it will work out great for our schedule overall because Kate's soccer games will be starting too...another post entirely :)  Congratulations to all the ATRM girls for a great day in Athens!

Cohen & Mrs. Amy
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waiting for her turn to march

Miss Amy & her girls!

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