Thursday, February 26, 2015

Great Wolf Lodge

Last week the girls were out of school for winter break.  It was definitely winter, having some of the coldest temps we've had.  This mama is no fan of cold weather, especially when its cold with no snow.  Instead we had some nasty ice.  Ugh!  We had hoped to take Cohen skiing but it was way too cold for that so it was on to plan B.   If we couldn't be somewhere warm and sunny we would try to find the next best thing, so we decided to head to Charlotte to the Great Wolf Lodge which has a large indoor water park.  We had been once a few years ago when Cohen was small and thought this would be something both girls would love.  Plus I am always up for a trip to Charlotte.  The only bad thing was a lot of our friends were in Daytona for the start of the season.  We did get to see one particular waif...Jessica so we were pumped about that.  We left Thursday morning and got to the hotel and got ready to head to the water park.  Suzy went with us to keep Bryce since he wouldn't be able to play in the water.  Kelly and I were able to play with both girls which was great because Cohen was able to ride every slide but one and Kate could only ride a few.  Cohen loved the slides!  It took a little while to get her on one of them but by Friday she was brave enough to try and once she rode it she was begging to ride it over and over and over.  Kate loved her little slides too.  One was pretty big for her and she was very hesitant at first since she had to go down alone.  With a little help and a small push she headed down it and loved it.  Kelly said she was smiling as soon as she was at the bottom.  She also loved the wave pool.  I have 2 water babies and we are already counting down the days until summer when we can get in the pool!
Suzy was able to sit in the water park with Bryce and watch so I think that was some entertainment.  I actually let him sit with me and feel the water from the little fountains.  He didn't seemed to phased.
On Thursday night Jessica came by our hotel for a little visit.  It was good to have some catch up time with her.  Afterwards Kelly and I took the girls to eat while Suzy kept Bryce in where it was warm.  I think Thursday was one of the coldest days that week!  That night they had a character show in the lobby that both girls enjoyed.  It took a while getting them to settle down and go to sleep but finally they did.
Kelly took both girls back to the water park the next morning while I did some errands.  I miss the shopping up there so much!  I actually am glad I had some errands though because I ran into Michael and Amy, some of our other close friends that I thought were in Daytona.  That was a nice surprise!  I had to get back quick because Cohen had requested I come back to ride the slides with her and I couldn't pass that up.  We had a blast with the girls and ended our trip with a pizza lunch before heading home.  The only way we got the girls to leave without a big fight was them knowing they were getting to play with all their friends that night at a surprise birthday party for one of our friends.  It was a short trip but very fun and we made lots of fun memories!  Short trips can still be so much fun.

Thursday night Kate decided she wanted to draw on herself, not paper.

Kelly & Cohen racing down the mat slide.  Cohen was a little too light and always stopped before Kelly.  

a family photo

Kate loved the best thing when a mannequin isn't available

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