Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Art Shows!

Last week both girls had art shows for school.  Cohen had a piece of her artwork from school that was chosen for the art show/art display at the high school.  We had a lot of things fall in one day but we were able to make a quick stop there to see her pretty picture hanging.  Her art had been chosen for the use of primary colors.  I was definitely impressed with all the colors she had been able to make and use with just those 3 primary colors.  She has always liked drawing, coloring and painting so I'm proud that her pretty heart was chosen to be hung.  I really enjoyed looking at all the artwork.  There were some talented little artists from all of the schools!

Thursday it was Kate's turn for an art show at the preschool.  Again the day was packed with soccer, dance, and other things so Kate and I had to stop by earlier in the afternoon.  Everything was so cute! I love artwork, especially things using her hands and feet and this show was full of that.  Kate's teacher, Mrs. Lori, always has the cutest artwork and I love it.  She was very proud to show me all her pretty work too.  I think my most favorite though was her free hand drawing of her giraffe.  Now I know she is 3 but I could definitely see the resemblance to a giraffe!  I love it!  

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