Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Cohen's Dance Recital

Cohen's dance recital was on Sunday the 18th.  She was so very excited to get to perform on stage!  In fact, before the recital started she had noticed the spot light and was like, "Mama, look at that light!"   I told her that was the spot light that would be shining on them as they performed and she just started dancing around saying, "I get to be in a spot light, I get to be in a spot light!"  Its so funny to watch her.  There was no hint of being nervous at all.  She performed with the competition girls first during the opening number so I thought she might be nervous to be up there by herself for so many people but she wasn't phased at all and did a great job!  Next was her group baton routine and they all did a great job too.  I couldn't believe how well they remembered their routine.  The whole recital was a Disney theme which I loved.  It was so cute and Amy did a fabulous job with everything as always!  We were leaving from the recital for the beach so we actually had a leave a little before it was over but Cohen didn't fuss or anything so that was nice.  I hated she missed the end but she actually got shy about doing the daddy/daughter dance.  I think she was more shy to see her daddy get up there and shake it!  haha!  Of course he didn't protest either so we headed out and started our drive to the beach.  Kelly didn't want to be driving late either so we left the cold, rainy weather and gladly headed to some Florida sunshine...or at least got there to wake up to it!
I took a few pictures of Cohen at the recital with my phone and here are her dance pics for this year as well.   Of course I take a lot of my own child!!  

Her competition awards minus what she won at Savannah regionals

We love our competition family!

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