Monday, May 26, 2014

Awards Day

We were on our first vacation last week so I'm continuing to catch up on all the things that went on the week before!  With all the activities that come along at the end of the school year, its hard to sit down and write about them all!  The Wednesday before school was out, May 14, was Cohen's kindergarten awards day.  I think she had reminded me everyday that week when I picked her up that I needed to be sure to be there at 8:15.  Of course I had it on my calendar for a while now but I thought it was precious that she wanted to be sure I didn't forget.  She received 3 awards--the Champion's award for learning all her sight words, a reading award for reading the 100 books, and she got perfect attendance.  Its hard to believe we made it a whole entire school year with no major sickness!  She was very proud of her certificates and we were very proud of her as well.  She really loved kindergarten so much and enjoyed learning so I hope that trend will continue for many more years!  My friend Sheri had a front row seat so she took some pictures of Cohen for me...a big thank you to her for that.

I love this picture because I think its funny to see her shaking hands with her left hand instead of right.  

After the awards ceremony she was free to leave with me and I wasn't sure if she would want to or not but she did.  We had to pick up Kate and then get ready to go to the library for the last day of story time.  Cohen was so excited to get to go too.  She had asked several times throughout the year if she could go and never seemed to understand that story time was during school hours.  I was glad she was getting to go too because she always loved going so much.  I think of the library as a special place because she was my first to get to go to story time and we always had so much fun going.  Since it was the last day, Miss Jordan had planned to have some outside fun with chalk and bubbles.  She read one book and then everyone went outside to play.  I know my girls enjoyed it.  They are and have always loved bubbles!

trying hard to make the bubbles blow out

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