Thursday, May 15, 2014

Southeast Regionals-Savannah

We spent our weekend in Savannah for the Southeast Regionals baton competition.  This was the big competition for Cohen.  Because this competition was so big and everything was held on one day, we knew going into it that it would be a long day on Saturday.  Kelly was not thrilled about sitting at a gym all day so he opted to stay home with Kate.  My mom went down with me and Cohen and we enjoyed our Mother's Day weekend together :)  We left Friday afternoon after Cohen's school field day and drove down.  We met some of our friends from dance on River Street for dinner.  The girls loved being able to eat together and after dinner we made a stop at the candy store so they all really loved that!  Its so fun to be able to have fun with friends on these overnight competition trips.  I feel like we have a special little dance "family" and I'm so glad Cohen has so many sweet girls to be around and look up to.  

Meeting up with Baylie

The girls were fixing each other's hair
After we left River Street we had to get settled in and go to bed.  We had to be up and at the competition at 7:30!  It was definitely a long day but it was amazing how much fun the girls have together and how they occupy their down time.  The first thing was modeling, then we had a break for the team competition.  We left for lunch and took advantage of our time outside of the gym!  Cohen and Mya loved playing at Chic-Fil-A!  Before we left for lunch the open modeling results had been posted.  Because there are so many in each age group, (Cohen had 10-14 in hers each time), only the top 5 are posted.  Cohen had gotten 4th place and Mya 5th so they were both so excited and so proud of their medals.  You can see that Cohen had to keep hers on while she ate lunch :)  

After lunch we were at the competition for the rest of the day/night!  The marching part of the competition was first.  Cohen has been strong at marching all year and she kept it up at this one too!  In open marching she was 3rd place and in the Regional marching she was 1st!!  We were so excited for her and she was so excited over her trophy she got for the 1st place finish.  After marching was the solo events.  Cohen had to do her solo 3 times, open solo, title solo, and regional solo.   She did some of her best performances.  I am so proud of how much she has learned this year and how well she has done!  These girls are so brave to get out there in front of these judges by themselves!  Every single girl there was so extremely good!  I was so impressed.  The competition was definitely the toughest it has been all year.  Cohen has worked so hard on her 1 turn and she caught it 2 out of 3 times in her routines!  She came out with 3rd in the regional solo and won 4th in the overall title!  Mrs. Amy had told us that to come to the regional competition and get a top 5 finish was awesome!  I was so excited for her and Cohen was too!  She had performed her last solo at 11:15 at night!  I couldn't believe that she could function after such a long day but it was her best one and the  one she won 3rd place with.  It was a good finish for her indeed!  After we got her changed she wanted me to hold her which I knew meant she was crashing and about to fall asleep, and I was right.  I woke her up for a quick group picture.  Looking at the picture you would never know she was asleep right before it and asleep again as soon as it was over!  I know one thing, carrying bags and a 6 year old and being pregnant is not easy!  It was a fun day at competition though and I can't thank my mama enough for going with me and sitting with me all day in the gym.  Other than listening to baton marching music for 9 hours straight it was pretty bearable :)
Cohen & Mya!  

Cohen & Mya loved spending time with Taylor

Late night, or should I say early morning group picture!

one tired out little girl
We slept in Sunday morning and it felt great!  When Cohen got up she had one thing on her mind...going swimming at the hotel pool.  She had asked me all day on Saturday if she could swim and I couldn't back out of my promise.  I took her down for a 30 minute swim and she was in heaven!  I'm so ready for summer and having a lot of pool time.  We have an early beach trip coming up next week with Kelly's family so I know one little girl who is going to be a water baby all week!

We had to pack up and leave and head back home.  I was definitely looking forward to seeing my sweet Kate!  I am blessed to be a mama to two wonderful, amazing little girls and they are definitely my 2 little sunshines!  I love spending time with both of them and soaking them up.  As this school year comes to an end I'm being reminded how fast the time flies by and how each minute is so precious.  I'm always one who wishes time would slow down and my girls wouldn't grow up so fast but I love each minute of watching them grow.  They are my world.  My sweet hubby too!  He grilled out for me, my mama, and my sister that night which was so sweet.  When I got home I had a sweet card from each of the girls and a beautiful new purse.  I am one lucky mama!  One funny story, I found out that Kate had missed her mama especially when it came to getting ready for church.  Turns out Daddy had put not only 2 different white shoes on her, but each one was a different size and they were both left foot shoes.  Bless his heart, he tried!  I love him!  I hate I didn't get a picture with both the girls or with my mama for mother's day.  I can say that pictures of me while I'm pregnant are few but maybe we will get a decent one soon :)

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