Sunday, June 1, 2014

Rosemary Beach!

After Cohen's dance recital, we were on our way to the beach!!  Kelly's parents were already down there for a wedding so they decided to go ahead and have our family vacation.  What a great way to start the summer!  We were going to Rosemary Beach which is in between Destin and Panama City.  It was late Sunday night when we got there but the drive had been good and we were excited about starting our week on Monday.  Each day we would enjoy our breakfast then get ready for the beach.  The girls loved the water and the sand and the water was so clear and beautiful.  We would take a break for lunch and then let the girls have some time at the pool.  They also enjoyed a lot of night swims too.  With it still being early for some vacationers we got to enjoy the pool all to ourselves and the beach wasn't crowded either.  By Friday it was starting to pick up for Memorial Day weekend but it was a perfect week for us and we got to enjoy it with our whole family.
One night Kelly and I decided to go for a walk on the beach and while we were down there we noticed a lot of sand crabs.  We caught one to show Kate and Cohen and then the next night decided to let them come down to the beach to catch a few themselves.  They really loved that, especially Kate!  They would grab as many as they could in their buckets and even after we had let them go Kate kept looking at the crabs in the sand and saying "get in my bucket!"  She loved it!
Kelly and his parents spent a few years camping at St. Andrews Park when he was little so we took a day trip there for a picnic lunch and let the girls all swim in the jetty.  They enjoyed that a lot too especially since there were no waves.  Kate found a few crabs in their shells here and that thrilled her.   It was such a fun vacation and we enjoyed every minute.

The girls loved getting buried by Daddy

Kate was like a  cinnamon sugar donut with sand all over her!  Look at that arm!

Talking with Sug

The whole fam!

The food trucks at Seaside 
Attempting a picture with Pop & Aunt Vicki

Playing with a crab at St. Andrews Park

Cohen found lots of swirly shells

Kate with the sand crab we caught

Trying on goggles

The girls got to have their picture made with this alligator at one of the restaurants we went to. Notice Kate's face...

Cohen was all about holding it 
I asked the girls to smile for a picture together & you can see Kate's expression.  I then told her she could get some candy if she smiled so she put the big smile on you see...

 The girls with their buckets of sand crabs

Sug & the girls

Our car headed home...

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