Thursday, May 1, 2014

16 Weeks!

This week I had my 16 week check up.  The appointments are pretty quick.  These next few appointments are just to make sure everything is going ok, check my weight, blood pressure, and baby's heartbeat.  Everything is looking good!  Any day now I should start feeling those little movements.  I'm really looking forward to this because if I'm going to look pregnant and see all these out of control changes happening, I want to get rewarded with those little kicks.  It becomes a little more real too :)  The nurse actually felt the baby move against the monitor that she was listening to the heartbeat with but of course I felt nothing.  Baby is always good to move around for us at the doctor though.  The heartbeat was a strong 144.  My mama had gone with me this time and of course Kate!  I've decided to try to get a picture of me and Kate at the doctor since she has been my faithful companion at all of these appointments.  Not the best picture but I want to remember having her with me!  She is the sweetest thing at all the appointments and she gets so excited to go "hear the baby".  I have my big ultrasound in a couple of weeks so maybe we will have baby pics to show then.

I have to share some funny pictures of Kate from this week.  Both yesterday after the doctor's appointment and on Tuesday I had some shopping to do.  Kate of course still loves the mannequins in the stores and is adamant that I take her picture with them at the  Usually I take the first picture for real and then pretend on all the rest.  These are the 2 we took this week.  She really liked the little girl mannequin at Old Navy...just her size!  She cracks me up!

Also, last weekend was our April 5k.  My girlfriends and I have made it our goal to run at least one a month so we barely got one in for April.  I'm still glad just to be able to run and not have any issues.  Sometime in my pregnancy with Kate I started to hurt when I would try to walk so I'm praying that I can keep it up as long as possible this time.  I never ran until after I had Kate so maybe that will make a difference.  We will see!   I love running with these girls and now that it is starting to feel so good outside it helps a lot!

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