Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Saying Goodbye to Kindergarten

I cannot believe that our first school year has officially ended.  I have a harder time with the last day of school than with the first.  Cohen has had such a fun year in kindergarten and it has been AMAZING to watch her grow and learn.  I couldn't be any prouder!  She had FABULOUS teachers and made so many new friends.  While I'm so glad that summer is here, I am going to miss all the fun that came along with kindergarten.  I can only hope that she will love and enjoy 1st grade as much.  On the last day of school kindergarten has their end of the year picnic at Tugaloo Park.  They get to play on the playground and have a picnic lunch and then can go home.  The bad part this year was that it was down right cold!  Dawn and I had to go back home for sweatshirts it was so cold.   After lunch we headed home.   It probably made goodbyes a little easier :)

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 1st Day and last day pics!  You would think it was winter!!

That afternoon it did warm up and the kids had fun tearing down Dawn and Westley's deck.  Its nice when kids help out and think its fun!   Now how would you like to have this construction crew show up at your house :)

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