Sunday, May 4, 2014

Night of Neon Run

Friday night was a fun night out with the girls!  We completed our May 5k run at the Night of Neon run at East Jackson High School.  It was great weather and of course we had fun being together.  This race it was Dawn, Stacey, Jennifer, Keaton and me.  We were missing a couple out of our group but we will hopefully find another run for all of us soon...while I can still run!   This race had age group winners and I actually won my age group!!  Woo hoo! Not too bad for a pregnant girl with way more extra weight than I would like to admit!! (and yes there were more than 3 people in it!) That was the question from our supportive hubbies, can you believe them?! ;)  Dawn was 2nd in her age group and Jennifer was 3rd...a good night for us mamas!  Keaton (Jennifer's son) was 1st in his age group too and was actually 12th overall.  I think there were 100+ runners so he did an awesome job.  I don't think any of us will be catching him any time soon.  It was a fun night for a girl's night out which we always love.  I'm looking forward to our summer night runs like we had last year.  With only 2 weeks left of school I see them starting very soon!  We also have to get our June run in the works which is harder to find than we thought, but we will keep looking and having fun running in the meantime!
All Finished!


almost 17wks!! 

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