Saturday, March 1, 2014

Disney Day 3: Chef Mickey's & Animal Kingdom

Tuesday our breakfast was at the Contempory Resort at Chef Mickey's.  I was really looking forward to this one too because I heard so many good things about it.  I actually got the time mixed up with our breakfast on Wednesday, but the good news was we were very early instead of late!  I wish we could have enjoyed some extra sleep time since we were out later on Monday but everyone was doing fine so that was good.  We had to take the bus to the Magic Kingdom so we decided to use our extra time and let the girls go meet Merida from Brave.  Cohen really wanted to see her since we had not ever met her.  Kate has a Brave book she really likes but of course we knew she wasn't going to care either way.  We had to wait a few minutes for her line to open up so while we waited Kate and I went for a ride on the teacups.  She actually enjoyed it so I tried to take a quick "selfie" of us :)

After our ride the girls were ready to see Merida, or at least Cohen was.  Kate let Kelly hold her while I took the picture.

We finished and headed to our breakfast just in time!  Chef Mickey's was great.  The food was delicious and the characters were a lot of fun.  We got to see Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Goofy, and Pluto.  Even though these characters don't talk to you they still find a way to have a lot of fun with the kids.  Kate sat on the inside so she didn't want to move for pictures with the characters.  I think this suited her just fine.  Pluto had a lot of fun with Cohen.  He would hold her dress and twirl her.  She had decided to wear her Elsa dress and she received so many compliments on it.  You can definitely see how popular the movie is and how in high demand the merchandise is!

Dancing with Pluto
 After breakfast we headed over to Animal Kingdom.  We enjoyed our day there seeing the animals on the Safari ride, watching the Little Nemo show,  and we even met Pocahontas.  Cohen had been wanting to get her face painted so we decided to let her.  She loved seeing her face all painted complete with pink lipstick!

Checking herself out

Kate loved brushing the pigs
We had a late lunch and at the place we stopped to eat at there was a little pond with a few ducks on it.  Obviously these ducks are used to being fed because they swam right up to the girls.  I know they would have eaten out of their hand but I had to warn the girls not to feed them and that they didn't want to have those ducks eat from their hand.  It was neat to see how close they would come though.
Kate was a little ham at this moment so I took a lot of pictures.  You have to strike while the iron's hot! Especially with her!

Other birds were around waiting on food too!

We finished our day in the Dinosaur land.  The girls loved the big playground and digging for bones.  We rode the dinosaurs that go around and around...another selfie moment with Kate.  We really enjoyed our day.  Since Animal Kingdom closes earlier we headed to Magic Kingdom for dinner and to top it off with my favorite...a Dole Whip!  We had to ride the jungle cruise again as well.  We were pretty tired at this point so we made our way back.  Every night I think both girls would fall asleep on the bus ride back.

Our selfie fun on the dinosaurs :)

Cohen learning some dance moves

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